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When Vimeo users want 99% accurate clear-as-day captions for their video content, they turn to Rev. We offer accessibility, compliance, and clarity — all without the need to strain your budget.
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Order captions directly from Vimeo
Order captions
directly from Vimeo
Push captions to your Vimeo videos
Push captions
to your Vimeo videos
Premium access to all of Rev's best-in-class tools
Get premium access
to all of Rev’s best-in-class tools

How it works

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24 hour
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Send your caption-less videos from your Vimeo account

After a few clicks of a button, your file will be sent to Rev directly. (For a step-by-step guide, click here).


Rev Professionals Go to Work

Our 50,000+ professionals transcribe your files 24/7 with 99%+ accuracy. 100% guaranteed.


Receive Your Captions

View and edit your captions in Rev’s best-in-class editor, or simply get them delivered right to your Vimeo account.

Vimeo Users Who Use Rev

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Why Add Captions?

Better Reach
So apparently 80% of U.S. viewers watch videos with their sound off. Captions can help you attract a lot more of those viewers.

Better Retention
On average, people watch videos with captions 12% longer than videos that don't have them. That 12% can make or break your chances of earning yourself a subscriber or losing them to the vast void of The Internet forever.

Better Understanding
Even if you have perfect pronunciation, captions ensure content is clear to everyone, including non-native English speakers.

Better SEO
Captions make your videos crawlable, and thus, more easily found online. We'll help you get  more views, exposure, and sweet, sweet cash-money.

Better Accessibility
Over 36 million Americans and 5% of the global population have some degree of hearing loss. Captions can make your fantastic content fantastic to them. And that’s just cool a thing to do.

Why Rev?

Competitive Pricing
We provide the best price for transcripts, captions, and subtitles, without sacrificing quality or speed of delivery.
99% Accuracy
We maximize productivity with consistent word-to-word accuracy. We implement quality checks to deliver the highest standard of quality. Every single time.
Fast Turnaround
We’ll get your transcripts, captions, or subtitles back in 12 hours or less. You can also select our Rush service to get files back up to 5X faster.

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